Epoxy Resin Art For The Extreme Artist

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Epoxy resin arts techniques are by far one of the biggest and coolest mediums to use because it’s versatile and can create both 2D and 3D artwork. In regular acrylic painting, epoxy resin bonds or solidifies your layers, giving them more depth and vibrance with different color combinations. With epoxy resin art, you can paint on the same subject, creating an abstract masterpiece that has never been done before. These types of art usually involve combining different kinds of media like paints, acrylics and different types of stains and oils, which if done correctly can really turn your ordinary paintings into works of art that can only be described as amazing.

There are a lot of different techniques when it comes to making epoxy resin art but the most popular and effective method is the two-stage method where first a thin layer of resin is brushed onto the surface, then the second layer is added on top to enhance the look and depth of your artwork. One of the best methods of creating these types of paintings is through the two-stage technique where first, a thick and dark color is brushed onto the canvas then a lighter color is added on top to enhance the visual appeal and definition. It is always recommended to practice safety measures while using this technique so that you can ensure that you do not hurt yourself or others when painting with this medium.

As with any type of art, always follow safety advice carefully and wear protective gloves when painting with epoxy resin. This medium is composed of toxic chemicals, so it is absolutely vital that you only paint with a high quality liquid paint that is non-toxic and suitable for use in an area that is sealed off from the outside world. When you are finished painting, always remove all of the resin with either a brush or vacuum cleaner. This will ensure that your artwork is protected and safe from the weather as well as other elements such as dust. Epoxy resin is durable and flexible but should never be exposed to extreme temperatures as they will crack and melt. There is a great variety of art supplies and equipment on the market today so if you would like to start an epoxy resin painting business then you will certainly find what you need on the market.

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