Epoxy Vs Resin – Is One Better Than The Other?

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There are lots of factors to consider when deciding on a floor coating. One of the main differences is the kind of base you’re applying it on. A lot of people prefer to go with a high quality resin because it’s easier to work with. If you’re looking at a new garage floor, Resin is a great option but only because it’s cheaper. If you want something cheap that will last for years, you should really think about Epoxy.

Epoxy Vs Resin

If you’re ever parked in your garage and have to stand on concrete for an hour or more, Epoxy will probably wear you out faster. While the chemical reaction that gives Epoxy its durability has been studied, nobody knows exactly how much it wears out over time because some people have much more abuse than others. I’m not saying that you should avoid concrete or anything like that, but Epoxy will wear out faster.

Another disadvantage of Epoxy is its propensity to get messy. Because it’s mostly acrylic it can easily spill over on to other parts. If you’re in a shop then this can be disastrous. Not only is it messy but it’s also unsafe for kids. If you use a sealant on the garage floor and leave it exposed to water, oils and acids then it’s just a question of time before it cracks and spoils.

When you do decide to use epoxy, the main thing you need to think about is what kind of surface you’re dealing with. There are a few different types such as fiberglass, polyester and acrylic. Each type of paint has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discuss those below.

The advantages of using epoxy paint are it’s durable and it’s easy to maintain. You can use just a quick once-over with a soapy cloth and it’s ready to paint. If you’re using an acrylic finish then you can’t do this. The reason is that acrylic contains resins which would prevent the paint from soaking in. You must allow the time between coats to be equal otherwise you’ll have bubbles and paint peeling. Fiberglass and polyester are very similar but both have a little more wear and tear.

So, what are the disadvantages of using epoxy versus resin? The biggest is that the longevity isn’t as long as you want it to be. Depending on what material you use the coatings will last anywhere from three months to a year.

How often do you plan to paint your garage floor? If you’re doing a whole floor job then I wouldn’t recommend epoxy. If you’re doing one or two car parking areas then I would suggest it. Using epoxy is the best choice if you are doing a whole garage floor job. You can always use a coat of paint to add some gloss and texture.

Epoxy has some great advantages and disadvantages. For those doing a complete job I would recommend epoxy. For those just parking for a few cars and doing odd small projects I would consider using resin. There are many ways to decide what is best for you. Just take a little time and make sure you research both options before making a final decision.

Another advantage to using epoxy over resin is cost. It is much cheaper. This will help you if you have a large garage floor project. In addition, epoxy is non-toxic and safe to use in any kind of garage. If you have children or pets, I would recommend not using it. Resin can contain harmful chemicals that could be toxic or cause illness.

To get the best result always follow the directions and precautions. Use the proper chemicals and materials and always test a small amount before you go full blast. A good idea is to have a friend do the job so you both can compare the end results.

These are good reasons to choose epoxy over resin. Before you make a final decision, consider how much time you are willing to invest. If you can afford epoxy it may be the better option. If not it will be close enough to resin for most applications. Good luck and happy garage flooring!

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