How to make planar resin flatbacks? ( Special video)

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How to make planar resin flatbacks? There are many uses for planar resin. They are ideal for flatbacks, cake topper decorations, and even hair accessories like headbands and bows. These flat backs are 5.5 mm wide and 3.4 mm thick, which means they are about the size of a dime. And with their excellent quality, they’ll last a long time. This article will show you how to create flatbacks using planar resin.

What are planar resin used for?

Flat back resin is a great material for creating many different things, including hair bows. Planar resin is also used in scrapbooking, phone decoration, and all kinds of DIY. Its versatility makes it an excellent material for projects ranging from snailmail to pocketletters. Here are some common uses of planar resin. Listed below are just a few. These materials are lightweight and highly durable, making them an excellent choice for a variety of projects.

How to make planar resin flatbacks?

Little Twin Stars planar resin flatbacks are used in scrapbooking, hair bow making, and all sorts of DIY. They’re also fun to use in snail mail projects and pocketletters. Make sure you follow the directions for making them carefully. You’ll be surprised at how simple they are to make! The process begins with a plastic bottle and a little elbow grease! Make a couple of flatbacks and you’re on your way to making beautiful hair bows and phone accessories.

How do you put holes in planar charms?

If you’re new to resin jewelry, you may be wondering how to put holes in your charms. First, you need to make sure the resin has completely cured. Otherwise, drilling uncured resin is very messy and will probably leave a hole that’s too soft or gooey to hold. Furthermore, if the resin isn’t fully cured, drilling it will likely ruin the drill bit.

How to make planar resin flatbacks?

Using a special drill bit for planar resin is the best way to make these tiny holes. It works by pressing down on the end of the drill bit and twisting it through the resin. It works great for small holes that are not too deep. Another useful tool is a mini-hand drill, which works by pushing the end down and twisting it through the resin. Once you’ve drilled the desired holes, you can start shaping your charms.

How do you drill planar resin?

To drill a hole in a flatback of planar resin, you’ll need a drill bit. First, you should hold the resin piece in a table vice or clamp. If you use leather to protect the piece, it will be less likely to scratch or chip the resin. You should also hold the piece firmly so as to avoid crushing it. Round pieces are easier to squish than flatbacks with straight edges.

If you’re using a standard drill bit, you can drill a hole from back to front. This method requires a bit that is the correct size for the piece. Make sure you wear a dust mask while drilling because the resin is dangerous if you breathe it in. If you don’t have a particle mask, you can wear a regular one. You must keep the piece clean during the entire drilling process, otherwise the resin particles can get stuck in the drill.

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