How to Make Resin Mold

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How to Make Resin Mold is not something that people talk about much. That is unfortunate because making resin molds is a great way to create all kinds of objects. One of the most popular uses for resin molding is in making model cars and trucks. Modeling cars and trucks is relatively simple, you just need to find a good set of plans or get one made, then you will be ready to go. You can even use heat mixing to make resin molds, which there are two methods for.

The first method is known as compressing and it is a bit more involved but worth it because it makes finer details on both the sides of your object. You will have to heat the resin molds separately, and then use a blowtorch to mix it up until it is soft and malleable. Then you will pour it into the appropriate mold and just wait for it to dry. Once it has dried, you will be ready to take the object out of the mold. If you are creating a small model, then you may want to just use some silicone to fill in any gaps between the pieces of plastic.

If you are making a larger resin mold, then you will probably want to choose some sort of plastic to use as the base material for your creation. There are some great choices for both silicone and round resin molds such as Nuka Vinyl, Elmers and Mr Plastic. These molds are designed to provide you with excellent detail, and you should be able to create some amazing objects.

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