How do you make resin molds at home?

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How do you make resin molds at home? You may have seen pictures or videos of hot-rolled steel that is used to make resin molds, but you don’t really know how it is done. Well,

I have some answers to your questions. First and foremost, you should get yourself a good volume of cold rolled resins; just enough to adequately fill the needed space inside your mold.

Then, the resin should be layered into the mold, making certain that the entire mold is fully blown when you finally take it out of the heat source.

How to Make Resin Mold – Silicone Mold

To learn more about making resins or other molds, please read my other articles on the site. This one will address some of the common questions people ask about hot rolled steel and resin molds.

Other common questions about making resin molds include; do I need a kiln to make these molds, what kind of temperature does it need to be, do I need professional equipment, etc.I f you are not familiar with making resin art, then it may be worth investing in some professional equipment so that you can make some really great art pieces, sculptures or other products.

Just remember, however, that there are some great starter kits available for making resin molds and art as well, which you can find by searching around on-line.

Another question that often comes up is how to find the right colored silicone rubber mold to make my particular product. Usually, the easiest way to go about this is to determine what the final color will be of your product and search for appropriate colors in the starter kits that are available online.

Once you have found the perfect colored silicone rubber mold, the rest of the process is very simple.

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