How to Make Your Own Resin Jewelry?

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If you are interested in buying resin jewelry you will want to know about the resin-art resin process. This resin is usually made through injection molding. Injection mold is used to deposit the resin into a cavity. The resin will harden into a hard plastic and then be covered with a UV protector to protect it from the elements.

When the resin is cured it will have a color ranging from white to golden. Some people like their resin jewelry to have a more realistic appearance and if this is the case they will need to control the curing time to make sure that the color is completely accurate. There are some resin artists who will apply a UV Lamp to ensure a more even curing time.

Before resin-art resin jewelry can be purchased, it must first be hardened. This can be done in a number of different ways. One way to ensure that the resin is hardened is to apply it with a food-gradegrade UV sealer. Always make sure that the resin is sealed correctly. If the resin has not been sealed properly, it could form bubbles and bubble gum which could be bad for the piece as a whole.

Once, resin jewelry making beginners to have a good understanding of how to pour the resin they can go ahead and purchase the resin mold they need. The mold will come with instructions on how to use it so don’t get lost trying to figure out what to do. Make sure to follow the instructions closely. Once the mold is filled it can be removed from the heat source and placed in a warm place for curing. This usually takes several hours but not all, and it varies depending on the resin being used.

Once the resin art is cured and ready to be used, it is important to clean up any impurities that may have been sprinkled into the mold. Resin jewelry making beginners should not worry too much about cleaning up their work. Once the resin is exposed to air for a long enough period of time it will begin to break down. But once the resin is exposed to air for too long resin art tends to dry out and become brittle. So it is necessary to clean up any resin art that may have gathered on the floor or around the resin mold.


To clean resin jewelry before wearing it is recommended that you use a mild soap and water. You want to make sure that all the soap is removed because you don’t want to soak your skin with soap. If you decide to wash the jewelry using water, it is important to make sure you rinse very well and thoroughly. This process of rinsing and drying the resin jewelry will ensure that any dirt or dust that remained after washing is gone and the jewelry can last much longer.

Once the resin jewelry has been cleaned and any impurities are cleaned up, it is time to start designing the piece. Most resin jewelry designers will cut their stones and lay them down first before putting the color in. This helps give the stone more of an even look and makes it easier to see the sparkle. Using a soldering iron is also a great way to add more color to your resin jewelry pieces.

After you have completed the basic design and are happy with the way they look resin jewelry can be further designed and created. There are two main types of resin jewelry that can be designed using epoxy resin. First, hardened resin which has been reinforced with epoxy resin and hardened with a silicone mold. Second, a softener resin that contains no hardening agent and is already partially hardened.

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