Polyurethane Resin – Types of Polyurethane Resin

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Types of Polyurethane Resins – What Are They? Many types of Polyurethane Resins are used for various consumer and industrial applications, such as: cushioning purposes, such as: mattresses, interiors of automobiles, furniture, packaging, and the like. It can also be formed into many shapes, and you could have it in the preferred firmness after the resin cure process. There are many more applications of Polyurethane Resins, but this is enough to give you an idea of how they are used.

Two major categories of polyurethane resins are extruded polyurethane resin and fiberglass pultrusion industry approved polyurethane resin. Ex extruded polyurethane resin is mostly used for products that require a high level of flexibility and durability, but at the same time, there should not be too much density loss and high levels of thermal conductivity. Therefore, it can only be employed in the case where the resin will be compressed or molded into shapes that require such properties. However, if the application does not require such high flexibility and durability, then a fiberglass pultrusion industry approved polyurethane resin would do fine. If the application requires a high degree of thermal conductivity, then you need to use a material called thermoset polyurethane, which is made up of an injection moldable thermoplastic polymer and a Teflon-coated aluminum shell. The fiberglass pultrusion industry approved polyurethane resin is generally low density but still has good thermal conductivity and good dimensional stability.

There are many more polyurethane resins, each having different shapes, textures and properties. In addition, polyurethane resins have been used in almost every industry across the globe for over 40 years now and are still extensively used. In fact, polyurethane resins are so widely used, that poll boxes with their smooth inner walls are popular as well.

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