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What do you need for resin jewelry?

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What do you need for resin jewelry? If you’re into resin jewelry, then you’ll love that cool new color you’ve been seeing all over the place. resin jewelry is quite easy to make and surprisingly versatile since you can combine so many different items together.

Even better, they’re not toxic to the human skin, so if you have a variety of allergies, then these resin jewelry pieces are going to work well with you. To make some really awesome pieces, you just need to have some resin jewelry from the molds, some epoxy resin, and some other jewelry findings to help you make whatever you want.

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What do you need for resin jewelry?

To start pouring your resin jewelry, you’ll want to take your time and go slowly. Start out by pouring just a small amount at first, then as your epoxy resin mixture cools, you’ll be able to slowly increase the amount that’s being poured at a time.

One of the nice things about working with hardening agents like these is that they don’t affect how the item looks so much as how it feels. By mixing in a few drops of your favorite perfume while you’re pouring your mixture, you’ll be able to create some pretty fantastic smelling pieces.

Keep in mind though, once you’ve mixed the correct amount, and let your resin jewelry dry completely, that the glitter particles will not harden or even come through the beads.

Can you paint resin jewelry?

After your resin jewelry has dried completely, it’s time to prime again. This time, use the same uv resin and fine-grained sandpaper to give your piece a clean shine. This will help your resin jewelry stand up to some wear and tear and will help it retain its new look for a long time.

What do I need for epoxy resin art?

Once your resin jewelry piece has been primed and finished, you’ll be able to decide what color or colors you’d like to see it in, and start creating your stunning pieces.