Using Resin Flow Art Techniques

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Resin Flow Art Techniques are methods that help you create amazing artwork with the use of liquid acrylic paints. This is one of those techniques where the artist creates the entire painting from a single colour and allows it to dry in its final state. It is a technique that uses the concept of the ‘rule of thirds’ in which you paint in three different sections of an image, and fill in the middle. You will learn how to apply this technique to your own images.

To begin with, you should have a canvas that is at least twelve inches wide, and forty-eight inches in length. The width should be based on the size of your artwork and not the actual size of the paint cans that you will be using. If you intend to create a larger piece you can increase the size of the canvas, however this may increase the cost of the project. Next you will need to have a single colour that has been diluted with the same quantity of paint as your paint. The colours you use for this technique should all be the same.

You should then use a brush to dab the colours onto the image, starting with a small area of the image. Next, you should use a brush to blend the colours together until they are blended into the middle of the image. You should then use a pencil to outline the areas that you have painted with black. This should ensure that the image is not difficult to read. In some cases you may find it useful to draw on the areas that are not quite straight to add detail to the picture.

Next, place a single colour in the middle of the image. It should be a similar colour to the previous colour that you used. You should work your way around the painting, working from the outside inwards. This should ensure that the colour you have chosen makes a good part of the middle of the image, as well as providing contrast with other colours. You should continue this technique until you have reached the bottom of the page.

When you are finished, you should leave the middle clear. Instead, you should fill the entire page with colours that match the colour in the middle. If you do this, you should ensure that the colours all work well together. This may mean changing the colours that you originally chose. For instance, if you were originally intending on using red, you might want to replace it with green or blue so that the image looks more vibrant.

These art techniques can provide a lot of fun and excitement for teenagers and young adults. However, it is important to remember that they are not suitable for everyone. These techniques require a lot of skill and patience. They may also be a challenge. However, if you are prepared to work at them, you will enjoy the results.

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