UV Resin Art

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UV resin art is a process of creating highly strong UV protected glass that can be etched, painted, stained or cut by hand. It is a very unique process in the sense that it combines the strength of urethane with the durability of glass, without sacrificing any of the quality of either one of them. UV rays are emitted from the sun’s UV rays as well as from many other sources including glow sticks, torches, and kites and glow-in-the-dark paint. UV rays have the ability to penetrate through most non-metallic materials including urethane.

UV resins belong to a category of synthetic resins made from the ultraviolet energy of the sun, usually a light or ultra violet, or devices which use UV rays as their source of power. UV resin cures quickly in a matter of minutes and is used for bonding, sealing and protecting materials. Resin artists use UV curing techniques to make complicated shapes such as birds, crabs and flowers and using simple patterning techniques to create items such as fans, pillows, tableware and lampshades. UV resin art can also be created by using the UV curing properties of liquid acrylic paints or liquid urethane paints combined with other tools such as UV curing torches and grinders. The most common UV resin art pieces are paintings and sculptures made of urethane materials like acrylics and urethane foam.

When starting your own UV resin artwork project you need to make sure that the resin is properly cured, that is, it should have a gloss, a matte finish or an anti-glare coating applied to it. The most recommended uv resin art application technique is to allow the resin to dry flat on an oven tray before using it. If the item has already been cured, then carefully smooth it out, being careful not to break the cured surface when doing so. You can apply uv resin products such as acrylic art stamps, decals, stencils and paints with the appropriate uv curing equipment and supplies available from your local craft store. The three main types of UV curing equipment are uv curing panels, uv curing rollers and uv curing guns. Most modern equipment provides automatic shut off capabilities that ensure the device is safe to use even when there are no active uv resin products in use.

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