UV Resin Light – Mini UV Resin Light Kits

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Shine a light on your UV resin crafts with the wonderful Mini UV Resin Light from American Crafts. The light itself is made out of a resin and epoxy, which make it extremely durable and waterproof. The two parts to the light are the light itself and the UV curing plug. Please note that UV resin is needed for use with this product. If you do not have a UV curing plug with you, please make sure that you get one from American Crafts so that your light can be properly attached to your table or surface.

When using the UV resin light with acrylic paints, there is only one plug included which connects the light to the computer and the charger. This allows the user to use one of resin light with several acrylic paints at the same time without having to open up several ports on their computer. Each color can be individually adjusted in the brightness knob to help add more or less light to your work area. The lights have a long range and can be used anywhere you want, but please note that lights without a USB cord will not illuminate your craft; they must be plugged into a power outlet.

These resin lights are not intended for use as decorative lights; however, if you are looking for a light that can be used for general purposes around your craft table, then a resin is the perfect choice. There are so many things that one can do with a resin, but you will not find a better one for the job than American Crafts’ uv resin lights. This product will not crack, fade, chip, or scratch, and it comes with two-year limited warranties. You can see all the information you need to know on the UV resin light‘s website. And if you don’t believe us, take a look around and you will see what others are saying about us resin lights for yourself!

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