What Are Resin Keycaps?

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Resin keycaps are a durable and high quality keycap product which can be used for both desktop and system type applications. These resin keycaps are produced through the resin molding process, in which a mold is filled with a liquid resin then hardened into a very tough keycap. All products in resin keycaps category are packed worldwide with no extra charges. Resin keycaps can also be printed for different key designs, logos or text using a variety of methods including hot roll printing, cold roll printing, digital printing, laser printing, etching and engraving.

There are many advantages associated with the resin keycaps. First of all, these types of products can be printed with various types of colorants, such as gold, silver, bronze or nickel, providing you with the flexibility to customize your keycaps in accordance to your preferences. Second, resin products can be easily engraved with custom logos or texts, creating a high-quality key cap with maximum visual impact. Finally, due to the high flexibility of resin products, key caps created with them can come with multi-shot resin mold fixtures. Multi-shot resin molds enable the keypad to be pressed repeatedly without causing any deformation of the keypad itself, thus allowing for a consistent high-quality product with a high aesthetic appearance. Using multi-shot resin molds also ensures that your resin keycaps will resist moisture and environmental damage, which is crucial if you want to use your resin products for outdoor applications.

The resin process used for producing these types of keycaps requires the use of special equipment and tools. resin keycaps are first molded from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic mold then pressed manually into molds using a die cutting tool. After being pressed, they are then manually rolled or injection molded into varying sizes depending on the type of keycap desired. When complete, the molds are removed and the keycaps are left to dry overnight.

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