What Can We Make with Resin? Types of Resin

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Should I use acrylic, polyester, or resin on my new food and drink cart?

How about plastic surgery scars and other life altering surgeries? We touched on some of the pros and cons of using these materials when creating custom carts. Here are a few more things that might convince you to try resin. Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of resin as a possible material for your new food and drink cart.


Can I use acrylic over polyester resin?

Yes, you could mix acrylic resin with polyester resin if it has cured sufficiently in the curing stage. It will completely bond with and lock in any fresh liquid, even if it were to be immediately poured into the mold. This is a great beginner resin, as it’s very easy to go wrong with resin if you’re a newcomer to the craft.

Do I need to cure my resin material separately from my other materials?

No, resin does not have to be cured and mixed separately from other items used to create the mold. If you want to make something with a high degree of precision, then you’re going to want to start mixing your resin materials right away. Once your resin has cured, then you can move on to the other items. By mixing your resin materials immediately before you begin pouring, you will help to create a higher quality mold.

What if I don’t get my resin to cure correctly?

The main reason why I would encounter problems mixing my resin, especially during the curing process, is because I wasn’t mixing it correctly. By following the directions on the container, you’ll find that you are able to create proper bubbles, proper viscosity, and proper curing temperatures.

Can I pour my resin into molds, then let it cure like a regular polymer?

This is a good question, and the answer is yes. Resin can be added to molds, but not once they have cured. The reason for this is because when you pour the resin into a mold, it creates tiny bubbles, which are extremely dangerous. If you place these tiny bubbles in your molds, they could go wrong and could create a catastrophic collapse in the mold itself.

How should I mix my resin with other things to make it lighter?

You should always mix your resin with a cold mixture. Why? Because cold oils and cold polymers are easier to work with than hot oils and polymers. If you mix your resin with hot media, it will take too long to cure. It will also be harder for you to control the viscosity of the end product, so you might end up with bubbles and pieces that won’t lying down properly in your resin sculpture.

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