Using Resin and Conifer Wax to Create a Wrought Iron Spell

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Pine resin is a soft silvery brownish substance that has been used extensively for thousands of years to help the tree repair itself from minor wounds and injury. When pine resin is added to a wound, it helps to speed up the healing process. It provides a protective environment for the injured or healed area while allowing the natural healing process to work at its best. What can I use in place of pine resin in my home to speed up my healing?

















Pine resin or sap help to speed up wound healing by helping the tree to heal itself. How does this happen? Pine resin has the properties of a liquid and can easily be added to any healing process. It is not sticky and can easily be blended with any liquid so that it can penetrate deeply into the skin and into the tissue. Pine resin is a natural immune system booster and works to bolster your defenses against infection, bacteria and disease. Pine resin has been used in place of pine sap in many medical treatments to help speed up the healing process and to protect the body from further injury.

Why is it called conifer resin and not just pine sap?

Well pine resin has a sticky quality that some people describe as “chewable”. The process by which this happens is similar to how candy reacts when you put it in your mouth. The longer you hold onto the candy, the more you can feel the stickiness of it. This is what gives pine resin its “sticky” quality.

Another advantage pine resin has to offer comes from how it can be blended into any type of liquid so that it can be readily absorbed into the bloodstream. This means that even if one is recovering from an injury, these liquid nutrients can help stimulate and nourish the body and assist in speeding the healing process. This is especially helpful to those who may be recovering from certain types of surgeries or perhaps who are unable to consume enough food due to severe illness.

What can we do with pine resin and conifer wax?

Well pine bark and conifer wax can be used to make a wide range of natural remedies for a variety of illnesses. Some of these remedies may even go as far as to defy modern medication. In some cases, pine bark has even been found to be effective in stopping the progress of certain cancers! Now that’s impressive!

Perhaps the most common use of pine resin and conifer wax is in the world of magic. Many spells and charms are made from the liquid form of these two natural ingredients and it has proven to be quite effective. It is also used to help cleanse the air in a home or a business when using a pine tree to perform a spell. In other cases, this type of resin is added to paint to create an even longer lasting, weatherproof coating that is very waterproof. No wonder many homeowners and business owners prefer to purchase this particular resin to use in their buildings rather than purchasing expensive and toxic paints.

Also often pine resin and conifer wax is combined to create a type of dye that can be added to paint. By using a pine stick dipped into the dye, paint will stick to the stick better and last longer than normal. In fact, this dye has proven to be excellent for cleaning any type of paint surface and the addition of pine needles makes this a very useful tool.

Once you have decided to try using pine resin and conifer wax in your projects, you will need to decide how to combine them. The easiest way to do this is to make a simple but effective glue mixture using one part resin to two parts liquid form. By using the right type of glue, you should be able to successfully glue the mixture together and create a smooth and consistent texture for the surface of whatever you are creating.

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