What is Resin Coaster? DIY Resin Coaster Ideas&Projects and Materials

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At DIY Kit News we get asked about so many different questions by beginners as to which resin coasters to use for their DIY projects. Usually beginners want some variety of colors and patterns, as they are looking to add some personality and uniqueness to their creations. We’ve recently put together a beginner’s guide to helping beginners in creating custom coasters that they can use either in their home or office. In this article we look at what are resin molds, the advantages of using resin molds for your projects, some great resin molds ideas, and some great resin molds pictures.

In the first article of this article we looked at how to create clear resin art with printed dried flowers but you can also easily personalize these and even add color to them or embed other items inside. This article includes resin art ideas, which are great for beginners who might also want to try out another type of craft. This type of craft idea is where you will need alcohol ink and a spray bottle. You simply paint on the flower petals and then put the alcohol ink over it, let it dry, and you’re done!

The next type of resin project that we are going to look at are these resin molds. These are great for making candles, or any number of other resin projects. With these resin molds you simply take the bottom part of one of the dried flowers and place it into the mold and pour the melted candle wax onto it. Once the wax dries, you simply use your hand to pull up on the sides and the bottom to remove the wax. This allows you to have a beautiful candle shape, or any other type of resin project you might be able to think of.

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